Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Click on Zen

To our loyal readers and supporters, apologies for not blogging this past month. As we intend to talk about lifestyle through Zen Wall, I was sent to oversee and ensure the natural resources used in the production of our materials conform to our environment friendly processes, and most important also ensuring no child labor is used. On this we do not compromise.

During a trip, one of our Japanese customers asked why the word "禅壁"(Zen Kabe) was used. I explained that it was not to follow the wabi-sabi concept but to portray a clean, pure, fresh, and healthy aspect of building materials. The fun part is, we can make different art out of Japanese Wall. We hope readers and users alike will look at Japanese Wall as a brand name, and not to associate it too much with ethnicity. Zen is not necessarily Japanese or Chinese; everyone can have Zen in the heart.

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