Friday, August 17, 2007

Enhancing Fengshui through Jwall

Mind you, Fengshui is not a superstition. It is an old practice since a few thousand years ago of achieving a harmonious balance (yin and yang) between the environment and the space we live in. Strictly speaking, it is a common sense, but most people usually forget about a balanced lifestyle. So how can Jwall enhance fengshui? Fengshui is literally translated in water and wind. To quote Larry Sang, the chi which rides the wind stops at the boundary of water. Everything around us, including people, weather, food, and many things affect us mentally, physically, psychologically, emotionally; thus produces certain "chi" - positive or negative which indirectly affect our health, wealth, personal relationship and emotional feelings.

As Jwall is produced to provide a much fresher and cleaner air within the space we live in, it directly produces positive chi. When this chi is produce, those who live within the space would definitely be healthier and happier. Don't think this is a marketing gimmick, just read on the benefits which have been posted on, or request for lab report or data.

Ultimately, drink lots of water (doesn't have to be ionized, as long as clean and safe to drink), work out to keep fit and always think positive, stay happy and laugh with open heart. When you can do that positive chi will be produced all around you.

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