Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Noiseless Demo Video

Asiau in action mixing Noiseless. This series comes with only color bottle. Simply add the color into the water, mix well and then blend in the dry material. Noiseless is made up of mainly diatomite earth and therefore when poured into the color solution, it produces powdery fumes. Mixing is the difficult part, as Noiseless is perhaps one of the stickiest clayish material. What's nice about this material is that it is easy to apply, and when dry, the round lightweight flakes expands and look very distinct. We always recommend that mixing be done by hand as we can feel the viscosity of the mixture, and making sure the mixture is thoroughly blended. While electric hand-mixer can be used, but we always find it messier. Mixing with hand does not take up much time either even if you are doing a big project. Speaking from experience ok.

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