Monday, December 10, 2007

A Zen Healing through Onsen

While organizing job for jwall, it is also important to take time out to pamper ourselves. Afterall, jwall is all about healthy and balanced lifestyle to be close to nature. What is better to do than to go to an open air onsen retreat this December, especially when it is snowing. It is quite a quintessential experience getting close to nature, blending yin (cold from winter) and yang (hot from the onsen water) while meditating and filtering what all the good deeds done and feel good about it, and all the "not-so-good" that happened to learn to become better person the next year. Onsen water is supposed to have some healing powers derived from the minerals of mother nature. Seeing snow fall while bathing in onsen truly washes away all the fatigue and hectic life throughout the past 11 months ねえ~~~ 温泉に行っこうよう〜〜〜

Remarks: Onsen is a traditional japanese hotspring usually scattered around volcanic areas up on the mountain or down in the valley.

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