Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jwall Relearn

As we open a new chapter of the year, it's time to start afresh and learn from ground zero again. Jwall has 19 interior series with many many colors. That's the confusing part. So what do we do? Create focused colors, and make life easier for architects and designers to specify.

All the series are non-toxic, non-VOC, non-formaldehyde, eco-friendly and fire-resistance. The ones which offer additional benefits in purifying air, regulate humidity, disintegrate odors, VOC, formaldehyde are: Ayaka, Kaitei, MakeUp-DE, Noiseless, Siltouch Cork, Wabi and Sabi.

So what makes them different from other diatomite based materials which also provide the similar health properties? They are simply unique; we know because we have those diatomite based materials as well. This photo shows a nice decorative wall of a nice Japanese restaurant which uses Wabi #6.

Please contact Jwall is at anytime you find anything ambiguous or confusing. We like straightforward questions because minimalists do not hit around bushes.

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