Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Work goes on~

First of all, Happy Lunar New Year to everyone celebrating this wonderful event which will end next week. The year of rat will sure be a good one for all of us~

I was supposed to post this photo of the fireworks on February 7 midnight, but got really busy with the celebration and work at same time. This year's celebration of the Lunar Year has really been joyous with more fireworks and fire crackers of 10,000sounds.

Working through the Lunar Year has been a habit these years. Just to make sure you are there when you needed us~ We are preparing for our launching of the 2008~2009 The Zen Collection in March. I will keep all of you updated on this. Frankly speaking, it's really not been easy getting this done, but I am happy we will soon see the fruit of the hardwork. I would like to express my warmest appreciation to our printer Marvin G. and my little assistant Lu for working with me even until the last minute to the New Year holiday.

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