Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ayaka again - March Featured Product

I will put Ayaka back to the spotlight again this month, because it is simply irresistible...beautiful...charming...sophisticated...and fun! Let's get to know Ayaka a little bit better~

Ayaka is the only interior series of Jwall - simply the healthier wall, which comes in 18kg or 39.6LBS of wet material. What does this mean? The fine color ceramics, stone aggregates, diatomite earth, bonding emulsion and water are all added.

All you need to do is to open the can lid with an industrial can opener...ok ok we admit that the opening of Ayaka cans are really tiny, and we shall improve. But for project, the top lid is meant to be opened to make application work easier. The colored wara (straw) come separately in sachets identified by letters of A, B, C, D, F; each representing the wara to be added to specific color series of Ayaka. For example, Ayaka #106A means #106 is mixed with "A" wara. We make life really easy for applicators and DIY home improvement enthusiasts. ^^

Because the materials are already mixed with water, it inevitably sinks to the bottom of the water. Thus, prior to mixing, it is advisable to flip the can up-side down or shake it slightly then open the lid and mix the material with a hand-mixer. For this series, I don't recommend using your hand to mix. I did that for all samples we made, but it's not so smart.

Now Ayaka will be for the first time used in an upscale Sushi Bar in New York~ How exciting! Check us out more at www.japanesewall.com

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