Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ayaka in Laut Restaurant, Manhattan

Some of you may still have the perception that J-Wall @ Zen Wall is only used in Japanese architecture/ design. There is really no boundaries to design, colors and textures. The only limitation is our creativity, indeed.

J-Wall is an eco-friendly alternative to paint, stucco, wallpaper and other plasters, and the fact that it is made of natural ingredients from mother nature, makes it more appealing in terms of the textures and look.

If you visit Laut (a well decorated Malaysian/Thai restaurant) on 15 E.17th St, Manhattan, New York, you would notice the colorful straw laced Ayaka on the walls by the entrance, counters and rest room area. Instead of applying Ayaka flat and smooth, you will notice it is done in a semi-rustic texture, which portrays the warmth and friendliness of beautiful Southeast Asia.

The elegant and warm owner Kathy of Laut is the proud designer of the restaurant, and it is not difficult to feel the multiculturalism of Malaysia through the design of the restaurant.

PS: Some of the very authentic Malaysian dishes such as Assam Laksa, Rendang Curry and Char Kuey Tiaw are served here. New Yorkers are really lucky to have Laut conveniently located in the center of Manhattan.

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