Sunday, November 2, 2008

Living Wabi Sabi: Wisdom in Natural Simplicity

Imperfection can be beautiful. Once we are able accept the so-called flaw in you or me, and/or anything, we will learn what it means to be truly happy. Like fengshui, there needs to be a balance of Yin and Yang. Wabi Sabi encourages such balance in every aspect of life.

Wabi is quiet serenity, a silence that is deep and profound, literally means loneliness. You can also see it a state of meditation to find the true "self" or self-internalizing. Sabi refers to the material aspects of our life, literally it means rusticity, decayed, weathered and the natural process of nature.

"Japanese art, infused with the spirit of wabi sabi, seeks beauty in the truth of the natural world, looking towards nature for its inspiration."

This is the message we are trying to bring through our Wabi series, you will notice the colors which combination of antiquey color and colors of nature - green, yellow and earthy tones. When straw or wara is added to the colors, it looks like blemishes, which in fact is what enhances the beauty of this series of Jwall.

We invite you to continue explore our beautiful Wabi and the more you learn about it, the more you'd fall in love with it. I will continue to write more about the art of Wabi Sabi, as it affects our overall being.

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