Thursday, March 12, 2009

Introducing High Quality Juraku Trowels and Trowel Board

J-Wall proudly presents its new series of high quality stainless steel and plastic Juraku trowels and lightweight trowel board (also known as "Pateita"). On average, a professional plasterer will own at least 20 trowels for different situation and material. These professional plasterers are known as 左官 (Sagan), which is getting fewer even in Japan. Please remember to mark "禅” on the trowel handle to ensure the correct source. There are different sizes and thickness available.This is a revolutionary Super Light, Super Thin and Super Fun trowel board. In the application of J-Wall, good trowel and trowel board is equally important. We may not have realized that the way a trowel board is held will also affect our arm nervous system. J-Wall Pateita is designed to soothe the arm muscle (bisep) and blood circulation, as it is held with the palm up.

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