Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Activities of J-Wall

Everyone here has been so busy conquering greater challenges this year. Good thing is, we've been blessed to be still strong and sound, and continue to secure some nice projects throughout the world.

The economy may very bad, but that does not mean we should stop trying. On the other hand, we should work even harder to overcome any unforeseen. During this tough time, hard work is inevitable, and it is our top priority to provide better service to our associates, Business Counterparts, and clients.

We will be launching some new and exciting products which include easy-apply exterior healthy wall, professional Juraku trowels (both stainless steel and plastic trowel), light-weight trowel board, pattern trowel, and of course new catalogs for the 2009-2010

Our BCs around the world are also working hard, either participating in some nice shows in France, Russia, Malaysia, China, and Iran or getting some exciting jobs.

GO J-Wall!

Big Thanks to Those who are still holding strong together with us!

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