Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Wonders of Bamboo Charcoal

Previously I have discussed about the magical characteristics of charcoal and bamboo charcoal竹炭(ちくたん-ChikuTan). Now, let's get into something more specific - Black Bamboo, otherwise known as KuroChiku (黒竹).

Japanese KuroChiku Charcoal is much straighter and when burnt under a high temperature of 800 degrees Celcius and above, it actually turns silver black, and the shine makes them look precious. Like diatomite earth, KuroChiku Charcoal can effectively absorb and disintegrate formaldehyde due to the about high composition of pore structure.

Decorating our homes, office, bathroom etc with KuroChiku Charcoal complements with J-Wall. What are the unique properties?

1) Deodorizing properties
2) Humidity Control
3) Absorption and disintegration formaldehyde and VOC, tested in labs.
4) Emits Far Infra Red Rays and negative ions thus enhance our blood circulation
5) Shields electromagnetic wave

I have some of these at home myself - not just for decorative purpose, but also to improve the indoor air quality. It feels excellent to be surrounded by good chi and minus ions.

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