Monday, August 24, 2009

Shemshak's Gol-e Yakh Ski Resort in progress - Exterior Fascade

Men at Work, trying to finish the job before the harsh winter begins. What does this remind you of? bee hives? glacier? or ice flower? I forgot to mention that the structure was first shaped with MDF boards, then there are three layers composed of wire mesh, concrete, steel.
The building is created by a team of young and energetic designers and architects from the Kalvan Group in Tehran, while the engineers on site supervising the jobs are all below the age of 35. This is the essence of energetic and creative young blood.
J-Wall is proud to be part of the project.
When this is completed, it is with hope that our team can win some international award. One thing I am sure is that upon completion, it would be the most beautiful white building in Shemshak winter, spring, summer and fall.

I will post more photos on the mock up using CeraCube and the simply fabulotastic of its kind.

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