Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reintroducing Wara Juraku!!!

We proudly reintroduces Wara Juraku! For the past 20 years, we have been promoting Wara Juraku, and after further improvement we now reintroduce Wara Juraku in both Interior (6 colors) and Exterior series(12 colors). Wabi will go side by side with Wara Juraku, although the latter does not contain diatomite earth.

Wara Juraku is composed of juraku sand, special clay and straw. Unlike Wabi, which comes with separate color pack, the straw in Wara Juraku will not be tinted by the color pack. We only introduce traditional colors of Wara Juraku.

Wara Juraku interior comes does not come with separate bonding emulsion, so simply add water and apply.

* Natural straw in the material creates a refined texture and calm atmosphere.
* Like other J-Wall series, it has excellent incombustibility and meet fire resistant quality required by Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS A 6909)
* No discoloration
* Breathing properties as condensation is rare
* Contains ceramics which emit far infra-red rays - good for health
* Like other J-Wall it also produces seamless wall surface, even on a larger surface
Wara Juraku EX is another wonderful series for exterior walls, but we recommend to apply on walls with overhanging roofs.

Weight Per bag for Wara Juraku Interior: 5.5KG (covers approximately 35 sq.ft.)
Weight Per bag for Wara Juraku Exterior: 7.0KG (covers approximately 35 sq.ft.)

We love Wara Juraku!

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