Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another showroom in Russia

We've been so busy this year. I know many have been talking about how this is the worst economic crisis ever in the United States and beyond, but hey, life goes on. Just hang in there; let's continue to look forward and stay ahead, and most importantly to continue innovating! The worst time will pass before we know it. Persistence and close collaborative network is the key in all aspects of life, not just in business. This year, we have got many activities happening across the globe, and many showrooms/ offices are in progress and have opened in different countries.

We are proud to announce another showroom of J-Wall in Russia. It is located in Nizhny Novgorod, which is the big industrial center on the Volga River (Волга in Russian) - also the largest river in Europe.
Photo credit: Wikipedia

This is the entrance to the showroom. See Ayaka and Karin being applied on the wall? The workmanship is superb, indeed.

The color combo gives good selection for customers and maybe designers/ architects.

This is a good guide for others who plan to build a thorough and straight forward J-wall showroom.

Tah-Dah, this is Mr. Dmitry Teplukhin, the director of the showroom and company PE "Teplukhin".

Thank you Alla for the wonderful photos. Please stay tuned as we are going to post more updates and photos.

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