Friday, January 8, 2010

J-Wall @ Surface FX showroom

You guys should definitely visit Surface FX showroom in Santa Barbara. It looks small from the outside, but a lot of gems of which of course, is J-Wall.
The Zen Collection~
This is my favorite part of the showroom - The Shell! This is what we call Art!
Kallisto is very talented and innovative in playing with J-Wall base materials. We strongly encourage you to use your imagination and creativity to make J-Wall even more exciting~
The Walls are Wabi and Kyoto+straw #3
Some swatch boards of J-Wall~
Wabi is still the most popular~
Kyoto will always look even better when straw is added~

Surface FX
114 Powers Ave
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Tel: 805-963-3126

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