Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lifestyle through Zen Wall

I think for the past few months, we have been emphasizing a lot on the properties of Japanese Wall, and the details of the composition with its benefits. This month, we are enjoying very nice Spring weather and Summer with blossoms blooming and Uncle Sunny smiling. As such, we shall talk more about lifestyle.

Zen Wall does not only have to be put in Japanese Tea House or Japanese architecture.The name "Japanese Wall" is used thanks to commemorate the efforts done to retain such long tradition of sand and juraku wall. With the continual endevour in R&D to come up with different texture and colors - both juraku and modern pestel, you can experience the feeling of traditional Japanese tea house look within your living spaces, and anywhere you think is appropriate. After all, this is the age of creativity.

By being bold enough to use this product into modern architecture, an extraordinary feel and look will be created. Have fun!

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