Monday, September 3, 2007

Application failed? Don't panic!

A good customer from Hawaii called up and explained that the mixture did not stick onto the wall, and it's all watery and dripping. Even after 24 hours the wall did not dry up. Things to take note.

1) When the mixture drips like water, the viscosity is not right, and chances are too much water has been added. Always start of with 70~80% of recommended water first. Pay attention to the numbers on the manual and adjust accordingly.

2) Make sure the bond and water are mixed at the first step, before pouring in the base material. It's a common mistake that people add dry mixture into the water and then add the bonding emulsion. This is a No No as it is important to get the basic adhesion right.

3) the texture should be like cake mixture, with a good viscosity. Experienced applicator will be able to tell a good mixture, i.e. not too watery nor too dry to apply. Please pay attention to the standard amount of water to be added.

4) the underlying material is also important to note. And it is important to study our application instruction.

It is fine to apply the material indoor when the weather is humid or dry. The humidity only determines the drying time. But at normal circumstances, standard drying time is 24 hours.

When the mixture is mixed well and achieved a good viscosity, it should be very easy to apply, and easier than stucco, very smoothly. When applied properly, it should never peel off and can last for a long time.

A kind friendly note: We always advise first timer and DIY user to start off with one bag to get used to the material before applying on big area. If you come across any problem, please do contact us immediately and we shall try to help you out.

Again, when you are happy, we too are happy.

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