Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Organic Wholesome Green Juice

Someone asked recently why we suddenly sell food products. Actually, not "suddenly"--- food is very important to us, and it has always been one of our businesses. We own restaurant and also sell home made cakes, sauces and spices under non-profit charity foundation. Promoting healthy living is our motto and in today's environment, everyone is busy working, entertaining that health is neglected. we don't take enough vegetables.

Green Juice is produced through micro-process from 100% organic kale, and has obtained JAS Organic Mark in Japan, which is equivalent to USDA Organic mark. One sachet of Green Juice is equivalent to 160g tomatoes for Vitamin A, 74g broccoli for Lutein, 47g bell peppers for Vitamin E, 190g asparagus for Vitamin K, 28g orange for Vitamin C, 100g lettuce for fiber, 11g archovies for Calcium, and 100g prunes for iron. With such high nutritional value, Green Juice is indeed a wholesome and health supplement in daily diet.

To consume, simply add 100ml of water and drink up. It can also be mixed into juices or milk for a wholesome delicious breakfast. Consumption of 1~3 sachet a day will revitalize and refresh our bodies. Green juice also results in a clearer and brighter looking complexion. Now no more problem with vegies deficiency.

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