Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tools required to make Jwall

Seriously, we do not require expensive tools to apply Jwall. All we need is the basic "BIG 5":-

1) A bucket (4 or 5 gallon type is OK)
2) A measuring cup
3) A ladle (for cleanliness to scoop the mixture)
4) A tray
5) A good trowel - both plastic and stainless steel

A good trowel can be our best friend in the projects we do. Personally I prefer plastic trowel because it is much easier to handle...for me at least, and there is no worries about rust on the stainless steel trowel. Yes, although in the marketplace it is claimed that stainless steel does not rust, a lot of stainless steel now DO RUST! But of course, you have to wipe them clean and dry after use.

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