Saturday, November 3, 2007

Viscosity of Jwall - Water Plays as the Catalyst to make a perfect wall...

A good viscosity ensures the wall can be applied with success.

If the mixture drips like water, that means too much water has been added. The reason we recommend that 80% of water to be used initially to mix with the bonding emulsion and then the bag of dry Jwall is so that the remaining 20% of water can be adjusted according to the viscosity achieved after the mixture sits for 15-30 minutes. For example, when we recommend 3.6litres of water to one bag of Kaitei, the actual total amount of water used may be 3.0~3.3litres depending on the climatic factor. Please refer to our instruction leaflet and application manual to gradually add the water until the mixture achieved a good viscosity.

If you were to add additional amount of wara (straw) into the mixture of Jwall, the mixture may become too thick and dryer. In this case, even though we may recommend 2.0litres of water, the actual amount may be 2.3litres.

The mixture should be kneaded well. A good viscosity means the mixture will become thick like cake batter.

Why let the mixture sit for 15-30 minutes after the mixture is kneaded? The idea is akin to the process of making bread whereby yeast is added into bread dough and let it sit under room temperature to enable the dough to rise and make fluffy bread. Water in this case is like a catalyst.

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