Saturday, December 29, 2007

Indoor Air Quality vs Allergies

I am so glad today to receive an inquiry regarding indoor air quality vs. allergy before the year ends. Thank You, J and I trust you'd approve of me sharing this important message with everyone. Disclaimer: The information below is strictly based on personal practice with no paper certification, but very effective; and shall serve as reference only.

Here it goes...

"In a house with old carpeting, traditional paint, poor and dusty ventilating system===>how is the air quality like and I am plagued by allergies?" Trust you can answer this as we have discussed on our website

Answer: Firstly, it is important to keep carpets, bed sheets, ventilating system and bathroom clean. Carpets, bed sheets etc traps dust mite which a microorganism which is invisible to the naked eyes, and their droppings can fine claws can cause allergies. Dust mites are known to cause asthma and other allergies. You won't be able to imagine sleeping with tens of thousands of dust mites every night. Do you remember waking up with itches around your body? Yep, that's what I mean.

If it is a rented house which you are not staying long, and the landlord does not allow for refurnishing, just regularly cleans the fabric-based materials around you such as your bed sheets, vacuum the carpets and wash the ventilating system such as air-conditioner once a week at least. You can try aromatherapy; go to organic store which sells quality essential pure oil and use it as air purification. It works for the lungs too. Good essential oil may also help gradually with your allergies as part of natural healing. Try to avoid incense or candles as they can cause pollution. When you own a new home next time, try to refrain from carpeting the entire area; instead use wood or stone.

If your room is damp, try to get a humidifier or some sticks of charcoal, put them in a basket and place it somewhere in the room. Charcoal can absorb foul smell, moisture and get rid of negative spirits. Have a try.

Please drink lots of luke warm water with slice of lemon (optional) and not iced water or soft drinks. Luke warm water can assist with cleansing of internal system. Water is our best natural friend as I have stressed from the beginning. This may be helpful to your allergy as well. Lukewarm water means 1/2 hot boiling water + 1/2 cold water. Most Americans have a habit of drinking cold water and soda. No good...

J said he intends to use Jwall to improve indoor air quality and wonders if he needs to engage a contractor. Remember, if you are confident with your home improvement skills, DIY on the wall; otherwise hire experienced plasterer and get some more tips from us. Sorry I have to attach a photo of dust mite, because most of us are not aware of such intimate friends we sleep with every night.

Remember: Jwall is a complementary product to help with the quality of indoor air, it is not THE everything. Personal hygiene on ourselves and our environment plays the most important role. Always start from ourselves ne~

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