Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hypersensitivity or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)?

There has been a good question posted today to panel experts of Jwall pertaining to MCS. This new year is indeed filled with good knowledgeable challenges!

To most people, MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities may be hyper technical, but in fact, it is something that can happen to anyone of us now. There has been no scientific proofs done on MCS, but this term is derived from the over-exposure to different types of chemicals surrounding us. MCS is definitely a new health disorder mostly caused by odors/gaseous derived from chemicals, such as paint, lacquer, perfumes, smoke, auto exhaust, pesticide, even incense burning, etc, and it depends on the individual's health and resistance to the environment. As we discussed earlier on that a lot of things can cause indoor air pollution, and within a household or an enclosed space, we are exposed to an extensive amount of chemical and dust without us realizing it at all.

The symptoms of MCS varies from one person to another, after all, everyone has different immune system, and body structures. Asthma, skin allergies, headaches, migraines, swollen joints, sinus, tearing from the eyes etc are amongst the more common symptoms. These symptoms can be deadly if not proper care is not taken, especially asthma~

As I have stressed many times, sick building and sick house contributes to indoor air pollution or vice versa. While it is difficult to completely move away from chemicals in today's advanced world self-help is most critical. As the saying goes, it all begins from home. Please check back as I will add relevant information about MCS.

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