Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eco Project Mark for A Greener Planet Earth

For better health to the people, for safer building space and for a greener earth to live in...In this 21st century, let's fight to make this planet a better place to live in through green building!

The earth is deteriorating, energy resources are depleting, and issues on global warming is piling up causing the biggest challenges to us and our future generations. Surrounding us, we cannot deny building materials has big impact on our ever more polluted residential environment, sick house syndrome, allergies etc, and which issues should be looked into closely.

In contributing to a safer environment to live in, we focus only on water based and non-VOC materials which makes Jwall an eco-material. As such, Eco Project Mark is created as our commitment towards green building. How do we do it?

1) Conserving energy and resources
--> Our motto for Jwall is to produce "long life" and durable materials. Because our color ceramics are very specially formulated as from our carefully selected natural stones and then developed further making it non-fading colored materials. Oven baked under very high temperature of up to 1427F ensures the building shall remain its fresh image for a long time, as long as applied properly.

2) Preventing Global Warming
--> The bonding agent used contains very minimal organic compound; production is through eco-friendly manufacturing process which discharges very little industrial wastes and by products. As base material is composed mainly natural ingredients, very little carbon dioxide is released at the time of burning.

3) Ensuring Safer Living Environment
--> All materials are free of formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compound, Xylene, Toluene etc. Materials used from underlying surface preparation to finishing coat are water based for both indoor and outdoor, thus making it gentle for both human and the environment.

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