Monday, January 21, 2008

Where does Far Infrared come from?

"Is it bad?" The word infrared ray really doesn't sound too appealing to me when I first came to 'befriend' it. For some reason I had to associate it to UV ray sometimes. But don't get me wrong. far infra red ray is actually good for us, and it works like minus ions which we have discussed earlier. So how does Jwall emit far infrared ray?

Far infrared ray @ FIR is a light energy from the sun which cannot be seen with our naked eyes but we can feel infrared as "heat". In the infrared spectrum, there are near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared. In Asia, there has been extensive research done on far infrared ray which also acts as a form of natural healing to reduce asthma, enhance blood circulation, increase positive to the body, detoxification, boosting immune systems and to a higher extend of curing diseases.

Our specially formulated color ceramics are natural minerals consists of silicates and oxides which by nature have negative ions and oxygen. They are heated at a high temperature of over 1400F, and when it cools down, it reflects far infra red rays (while maintaining "non-fading" characteristic). These aggregates transmit FIR wavelengths, which can deeply penetrates through human tissues. Our human body which is made of 72% of water, when far infrared ray is absorbed into the body, it triggers and activates water molecules in our blood cells, thus improving our blood circulation, improves our metabolism and enhances our overall positive well being.

Remember in our blog, I talked about negative ion? Far Infrared ray is highly associated with negative ion, and this is supposed to break or neutralize with positive ions or EMF from electricity, microwave, mobile phone, computers and highly industrialized products etc. Being natural product, Jwall is EMF safe.

Disclaimer: Please think of Jwall as a green building materials only and health benefits may differ from one individual to another.

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