Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January Spotlight on Ayaka ~ truly innovative eco wall

Ayaka - 彩華 is truly a revolutionary product. Sounds like a really elegant name, isn't it? Aya(彩)means colorful, vibrant, like rainbow which is full of life, passion, love and fire. Ka(華)means elegance, superior and sophistication. When the two are combined it's indeed a powerful, colorful superior elegance.

Ayaka is an innovative wall coverings of Healthy Wall series featuring new textures for interiors. A unique blend of diatomite, non-toxic dyed natural wara, with a specially formulated color ceramics which produce a deep finish whereby the natural material of straw matches the variegated color tone.

Composed of high quality emulsion with more than 60% color ceramics produced under 800°C or 1472°F temperature, the color is non-fading and prevents algae/ mold growth thus resulting in easy maintenance and low overall costs. It is worth mentioning that being a product of nature, these color ceramics has the ability of emitting far infra-red rays to refresh the body and promote blood circulation.

In addition, the diatomite composition which disintegrate odors, formaldehyde, VOCs and its ability to adjust humidity means that the indoor air is always clean and fresh.

We thank Material ConneXion of New York and its panel jury for selecting Ayaka for inclusion in its innovative Material Libraries.

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