Friday, January 4, 2008

Taking forest bath and eating nature's vitamin from Jwall...

Ever felt tired, sore-eyed, muscular pain even when you don't work much? We are constantly on our computer, television, cellphone, and stay in an enclosed space with air-conditions, and lights which all contribute to a high proportion of positive ions. An increase in positive ions will cause a reduction in negative ions, thus causing fatigue without us even noticing.

Negative ions is like vitamins --- essential for our health and well being. Ever wonder why you feel so energized, happy and relaxed when you're at the waterfall, mountain/hill top, and by the seaside? Bet you never asked. The freshness of the air at these places, or even after a thunderstorm, contains high concentration of negative ion, also known as minus ion.

Crystal, jade, feldspar, mineral materials such as fossils, diatomite produces negative ion occurrence. When negative ion activates oxygen which is need, with these around us, it's like taking forest bath and eating nature's Vitamins.

Wabi, Ayaka, MakeUp-J, MakeUp-DE, Siltouch Cork, Kaitei and Noiseless provides such additional uummpf! MakeUp-J contains titanium.

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