Friday, May 2, 2008

May Spotlight on WABI

Wabi is one of the most sought after series as it is a Juraku series with wara (straw). Composed of sand, diatomite earth and straw, the effect is a straw laced earthy and neutral look wall which enhances the Zen ambiance of the room.

This is an exciting material which everyone should use for their homes and offices, even to a small area. The positive properties of Wabi are for its ability to control humidity, high fire-resistance, prevent condensation, NON-VOC, NON-formaldehyde, and it can also disintegrate odor and formaldehyde. Humidity control level is around 109.7g/m2

Comes in 15 neutral colors and earthy tones, Wabi is a truly meditative piece of art. I also suggest adding extra sachet of wara straw (40g to one bag of dry material) during mixing process.

This summer will definitely become cooler with Wabi~ For exterior application, Sabi is avaialble.

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