Friday, May 2, 2008

The Future Eco-Sustainable Architecture??

Today I came across an article on a structure called Shimizu Mega City Pyramid, a proposed construction of stacking 55 smaller pyramids each with the size of Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, over Tokyo Bay in Japan. The mastermind behind this futuristic architecture is Dante Bini, the Italian architect who has created super low cost self-resting house which can be constructed in less than 60 minutes, and which he called The Binishelter constructed out of bamboo, clay with natural fibers, wood, durock, steel etc.

The structure of Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid is said going to be 12 times higher than the Great Pyramid in Giza Egypt, and would house around 750,000 people. If built at all, this will become the largest man-made structure in the world.

Guess what?! due to weight issues, the design can only rely on some super strong light weight materials based on carbon nanotubes --- material of the future, which allows the pyramid to stand against high winds, and survive earthquakes and tsunami.

If successful, this structure will solve Tokyo's lack of space problem, as it will be zoned into residential, commercial and leisure areas with each building having its own energy resources.

What other things can't we think of?

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