Monday, June 9, 2008

June Spotlight on CeraSkin - a revolutionary exterior spray coating

Many have requested that I start focusing on exterior series of Zen Wall. So, on this month's spotlight I present to you CeraSkin.

The fine grained finishing of CeraSkin is to provide a natural sand look, which comes in different colors. The main composition of CeraSkin and all other Cera series offered are color ceramics - zero VOC, non-formaldehyde contents and most importantly the colors are non-fading even under extreme weather. The secret lies in the fact that it was oven baked under a very high temperature of 1407 degree F.

Also high fire resistant, Ceraskin is a safe and healthy spray coating for both commercial and residential projects. Check out for more colors.

p/s: Exterior series under Zen Wall are meant to offer cost saving in terms of maintenance due to its high durability. Application by Lysine or Adjustable Caberon Gun of Bore 5~6mm @ 390~490kPa)

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