Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting the right tool to spray right - Adjustable Caberon Gun

To apply all our exterior spray coating items, we suggest using Adjustable Caberon Gun, which is a multi-purpose spray gun. This item looks similar to Lithin Gun, which is also used in the spray paint industry. Caberon Gun can also be used as mortar spray. There is single nozzle head, duo-nozzle and triple nozzle. Usually single nozzle of bore size 5~6mm is widely used in Jwall. Usually one set can last you a long time, of course with proper care. Always clean thoroughly after use.

Adjustable caberon gun is available in both brass and stainless steel, and is available for sale at J-Wall. Please contact the nearest dealer to you or email to info@japanesewall.com for further information.

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