Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Announcement on UNEX color change

This shall serve as a memo to all our Jwall counterparts and loyal customers.

We have made some changed to the color code on Unex Bush-hammer Finish as follows:-

UB-138 >>>> now as UB-18
UB-139 >>>> now as UB-19
UB-164 >>>> now as UB-14
UT-2, UT-5 and UT-7 per listed on our 46 page Jwall brochure are now discontinued.

The good news is, we have developed more new colors, it is no longer just grey, but in different hues and color known as UB11, UB-12, UB-13, UB-15, UB-16, UB-17 and UB-20.

Please ask for a copy of the new focused leaflet from Zen Wall HQ. Either leave a message on the website or email to info@japanesewall.com

So, why UNEX? It makes installation work easier and cost efficient. What more, it looks more than just natural stone.

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