Monday, September 8, 2008

Green is Everywhere~

Wow, I can't believe in recent months, more and more people are starting to talk about green building, going green, etc...I've started writing about the green aspects of our products, and what it means to be green in our surroundings on this blog since late 2006, and hopefully I can reiterate here again that green materials comprise of:-

1) Low toxicity or Non Toxic - Jwall is non toxic
2) Recycled materials using less energy to produce, unlike chemicals
3) low VOC or non VOC - Jwall is NON VOC and NON FORMALDEHYDE
4) Conserve energy, reduce green house gas emission - Jwall makes winter warmer and summer cooler. How cool is that?

Jwall is currently popularly used in the U.S., Russia, Australia, Asia and Europe~

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