Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Secret Revealed: Use Less for More

While we tell people that one bag of Jwall (dry material) covers 35sq.ft., but there is a trick to work over this coverage. Wanna know how? See our Master Applicator - Uncle Tsu who's been applying Jwall and working with gypsum plaster moulding and ceilings for over 50 years.

1) Identify the wall area of which you are going to apply Jwall.
2) Use half the quantity of materials to apply onto the well-treated wall. (e.g. if your all area is 60sq.ft. then use half the material, in this case, 1 bag, and cover over the entire wall. It does not have to be a perfectly applied wall, but just to cover the white space.
3) Let the wall dry overnight and come back the next day.
4) A lot of time we cannot see the tiny voids with our naked eyes. So, mix the other bag of material, and smooth over the wall. You will find that it is much easier and smoother to apply this final coat of the wall.
5) When almost dry, smooth over the surface with a plastic trowel (if you are well-trained, stainless steel trowel is fine)

Make sure you start mixing Jwall with 80% of the recommended amount of water, mix well, then judge on the viscosity desired.

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