Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wabi and Kyoto EX in Bakti Yoga Monastery

I must salute to Swami and his crew for the wonderful job they have done DIY with Wabi and Kyoto in the one and only Bakti Yoga Monastery cum Retreat Center up in Philo (Western Mendocino County, CA). This retreat center is perfect for those who is looking to find peace from within and to learn about learning to love himself/herself and everything around him/her.

The use of Wabi in the monastery has created an incredible serenity. With the use of Kyoto EX as the exterior matching timber panels sawn from the redwood around the property and processed manually, is a perfect marriage between peace and harmony.

It is not until I visited this place personally that I understand the meaning of sustainable living and deep LOHAS. Thank you, Swami for showing me around!

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