Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CeraCube CE201A (Ketoy) Mock-Up for Shemshak Ski Resort Project, Iran

This is the first attempt of CeraCube application in Iran, and as it turns out...good! Of course, Hadi was the key man giving instruction for this mock. CeraCube CE-201A has been chosen as the exterior spray coating for an extraordinary facade design which is to look like gigantic icy glacier in this new ski resort called GOL E YAKH, located in Shemshak which is about 35 miles from Tehran, Iran. GOL E YAKH is translated to "Ice Flower". what beautiful name! I must mention that this project is designed and constructed by Kelvan Architect Group, under the supervision of Dr. A. Ryahi Fard.

Surprised that there is actually real ski resort in Iran? The truth is...Iran isn’t normally the first place anyone would think of when considering ski destinations, but Iran is not just desert, there are some over 13,000 feet mountains and some ski resorts too! Mike wants to ski here too while working on J-Wall. For some reason, there is some unexplainable link between J-wall and Ski. ^^

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