Thursday, May 14, 2009

J-Wall in Niort, France

Below is an excerpt from J-Wall's P&C diary...ssshhhh....Keep it to yourself ok?

"What do you see when you think of France? The Eiffel Tower? Foie gras? Monet's garden at Giverny? I think of lush lavender field of Provence. The breeze which carries the scent of purple bushes just takes my breath away... So, I decided to make this romantic country another place I can call "home" in the world.

I have been enjoying France not just as a country, but as a new home. I've been attending different expos to get more exposure and doing the introduce/being introduced thingy. I'm definitely getting myself familiarized with the French people, and adapting to some wonderful French couture such as the enjoyment of food...and of course, speaking français- French style. Sometimes I wonder if I was meant to be born French~ hehe... Thank you Deborah for being a wonderful mentor and friend :)

Confession: As much as I love croissant, crêpes, and bread, I really miss rice!"

Take a look at J-Wall at Foires Expo in Niort this month. ^.*

For more information about J-Wall in French, please contact CO.BIODECO at email: and Tél: 05 49 09 59 31 / 06 48 09 27 92

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