Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ayaka 112A - Syou

For those who have been big fans of Ayaka (yes it is very pretty like its name), the colored wara comes in 6 color mixture, each represented by A, B, C, D, E, and F. If you have had a chance to look at our brochure and The Zen Collection sample booklet, you can pretty much tell what colors each one is.

Good thing we separate the wara with the can mixture. Ayaka 112C was the original, but I was not in a mood for a subtle blue and green straw-laced look. So, I played around with the material and mixed wara #A which is multicolor into the base color of Ayaka 112. As it turns out...beautiful, pretty warm, soothing and playful! What do you think?

Almost forgot to mention that I have named it ”ショウ” (Syou), which means admiration.

PS: This is not available in our J-wall catalog. Just something we try to be creative with. Do take note that it is not worth buying the colored wara alone, unless you have budget to play with. Why is it expensive?? Well, the non-fading bright color says it all, doesn't it? hehe...

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