Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks~

With 2009 ticking down, and in conjunction to Thanksgiving season, this is the perfect time to give thanks, especially after a lot of hardship many have gone through this year.

1) THANK YOU to our loyal supporters of J-Wall aka Zen Wall since we revitalized our brand in 2007 - we are afterall over 30 years old

2) THANK YOU to our fellow applicators for all the good work you have done for J-Wall aka Zen Wall. You make J-Wall beautiful on the inside and outside!

3) THANK YOU to our distributors, agents, and dealers worldwide for your continuous advertising, hard work, and selfless supports to present J-Wall aka Zen Wall positively and effectively.

4) THANK YOU to all who have supported our humble efforts to contribute little to make this world a better place to live, by using a clean product to enhance our indoor air quality and contribute to low running cost for exterior finishing.

5) THANK YOU for believing in J-Wall aka Zen Wall.

6) THANK YOU to all the Architects and Designers who have boldly specified our J-Wall aka Zen Wall in your esteemed projects. Your trust and appreciation towards J-Wall will trigger us to work harder to come up with more innovative and beautiful eco-wall products.

The economy may seem rough like the giant tidal waves, but if we continue to generate our positive chi, retain our faith, strength, we can overcome any challenges facing us! I have good feelings about 2010 as J-Wall is continuously being specified in nice jobs. What does that says? Healthier living, more beautiful walls and ceilings.

With the above said, here's a Hug to everyone~

PS: I caught this shot in Bali this Summer ...the message has been conveyed above. cool eh?

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