Monday, November 23, 2009

Showroom in Malaysia

This is just one of the showrooms in Malaysia dedicated to natural products, i.e. eco-friendly ceilings, walls and floor. It is worth noting that this premise was in very bad shape and refurbished and turned into a "green shop".

It was designed to keep its original state, and spiced up natural stone cladding - Creative Lamistone of Victorian series and CeraGrani for the exterior wall to add some aesthetics. Even the timber flooring on the 1st floor was not replaced, and after further grinding, it looked totally new. The windows as you can see is pretty antique, but tasty. Whoever said old stuff was bad?
Japanese Wall + Zen Kabe logo just looks so grand from the outside. It was said that the beautification of this premise brought joys to the neighborhood which is one of the earliest high-end development in the city of Kuching, also known as Cat City. Did I forget to mention J-Wall is getting hot in Borneo?

Although Green Building is still considered green in Malaysia, J-Wall with its international exposure is able to lead the eco-friendly sustainable building trend ---starting from a small city called Kuching in Borneo. Way to go!

More photos of the interior will be posted. Even the ceilings are green and beautiful! Again, stay tuned and thank you for your paciencia.

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